Stairmaster 7000PT C40 Stepmill w/ Blue Face

Electronically-controlled alternator with chain drive precisely controls the pedal descent allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones Patented revolving staircase with 8" (20.3 cm) high steps most closely duplicates the workout of real stairclimbing Revolving staircase speed may be varied from 24-162 steps per minute Easy-to-read, back-lit C40 LCD console Motivating programs include a nationally recognized fitness test to gauge individual progress and a custom firefighter test (C.P.A.T.) Includes Polar-compatible telemetric heart rate monitoring
Achieve the same cardiovascular workout you get on a treadmill while also enjoying a superior lower-body muscle workout with the StairMaster 7000 PT stepmill. The machine, which works out your heart, lungs, and muscles without jarring your joints, is outfitted with a patented revolving staircase with 8-inch-high steps that closely mimic the feel of genuine stairs. Once you start climbing, it feels just like walking or running the stairs of your local sports arena or auditorium, but in the comfort of your own home. Users have their choice of several speeds--from 24 to 162 steps per minute--with an electronically controlled alternator precisely controlling the pedal descent. Best of all, for serious workout enthusiasts, the 7000 PT offers a nationally recognized fitness test to gauge individual progress, along with a custom firefighter test (CPAT)!
Product Dimensions 62" High x 61" Long x 30" Wide Product Weight 223 lbs User Weight Limit 500 Lbs. Color Black Frame Upper and Lower Body Arms: Yes Resistance Control: Electronic Resistance Type: Electro Magnetic, Eddy Current w/3 Phase Generator Wattage Range: 5 to 2500 Heart Rate Monitor: Polar, Hudson Or Cateye Chest Strap System Compatible (Optional) Programs: 11 Including, Heart Rate Control, Iso Strength, Constant Work, Random Hills, Plus 6 Preprogrammed Hill Profiles Quick Start & Manual Programs: Yes Power: Self Powered with Battery Back Up or 12V Wall Pack Transformer to keep computer activated at all times if desired.
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