Spinner® by Star Trac NXT E-Spinner Bike

With their new eSpinner model, Star Trac has taken spinning equipment to the next stage in its evolution. What they wanted was to create a spin machine that offered more versatility and functionality to a wider range of users—and that’s exactly what they’ve done. It starts with Smart Release, a breaking system that makes spinning safe for unsupervised users. The bike comes loaded with educational programming for teaching users proper, injury-reducing positioning as well as an endless variety of customized, randomized classes. What it means is a more interesting, safer, and effective workout for you and your students.
The FreeMotion Lat functionally trains the arms, shoulders, and back to work together in pulling and lifting movements. Muscles targeted are in the back, shoulders and arms. Plus, the FreeMotion Row engages your stabilizer muscles helping you improve core strength and overall balance.
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