Precor EFX 835 Elliptical

The EFX 835 is the exact machine you will find in health clubs. While this may appeal to you make sure you take a couple of things into account. First, commercial machines are typically nosier than those that are designed specifically for the home, and typically, the consoles are not as adjustable in terms of readouts as home units are. On the plus side 1 to 2 users will never be able to break this machine.

The Precor EFX 835 is an improvement over the EFX 833. At $7,495, it's a good $1000 more than the 833, but it provides enough benefit to offset the extra cost. Keep in mind that this elliptical is made for commercial use but sold for in-home use. Commercial units have some benefits, such as improved durability, and some drawbacks, such as the fact that they are louder than most models.

Ergonomically speaking, this machine is pretty good. There aren't many models that offer a more natural range of motion, though it should be noted that a couple of the ellipticals that do offer a more natural range of motion are less expensive. It's also got decent adjustability. CrossRamp Technology adjusts from 13-40 degrees, and there are 20 resistance levels. These two areas are the main improvements this model offers over the EFX 833.

The projected reliability of this machine is great. You're not going to find a single model that we reviewed that we expect to last longer than this one. Only Precor's other models can compete with this type of durability, but some of those models that do compete are sold at a lower price. The quality of parts is equally impressive. This is the biggest benefit you get from buying a commercial model.

The noise level is the main drawback of this elliptical. You would expect a machine that costs this much to be quiet during operation, but that isn't that case with this machine. Quietness is usually not a quality that you'll get from a commercial model.

The warranty on the Precor EFX 835 is excellent. Labor is covered for 1 year, parts and wear items are covered for 10 years, and the frame and welds are covered for life. You're not going to find any manufacturer that is willing to offer better coverage than this.

The Precor Vertical Knee-Up helps users with a range of core and lower-body exercises. Angled elbow pads, hand grips and back pad provide stability for knee-up exercise, and additional horizontal hand grips allow dip exercises. Rubber feet provide stability for users.


Frame and Finish

11 gauge (.120"") 2x4-inch bent electroweld steel tubing. Abrasive grit pre-finish with electrostatically applied, heat-cured powder coat.


Premium-quality upholstery with Beautyguard protective topcoat finish. Fabric meets or exceeds California fire regulations (Bulletin 117, section E). Double-layer slipcover in appropriate high wear areas. Double stitching on all seams.

Foot Covers


Rubber Feet


Oversized press grips with multiple positions.

Adjustable back pad for desired pre-stretch start position.

Weight Stack 240 lbs (110 kg).

Product line: Experience Strength S-Line

Dimensions (L x W x H): 39" x 51" x 69"

Machine Weight: 450 lbs

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