Precor 576IEX Experience Series Elliptical Crosstrainer

It really isn't hard to understand why Precor 576i Experience Series Elliptical cross-trainers are so popular! Once you exercise on the Precor 576i Experience Series Crosstrainer, you will immediately realize why. It is equipped with Precor's patented adjustable CrossRamp that ranges from 13° to 40° in elevation and has an adjustable stride length ranging from 21.2" to 24.7". Adjustable stride lengths allow for users of different body types and sizes to all feel comfortable on the same machine. In other words, the Precor 576i accommodates users ranging from short to tall, and it's stride mimics the natural running movements of its user. The Precor 576i Experience Series Crosstrainer is an awesome, gut-busting machine, that has innovative technology, designed to eliminate impact, through user-friendly ergonomics. Its rear drive momentum is propelled by a heavy duty, precision balanced flywheel. In order for a cross-training session to be smooth and feel natural, the flywheel creating the resistance, must be structurally sound and balanced with a great attention to detail. After all, the flywheel of a crosstrainer is like its engine, and ultimately, a crosstrainer with an award-winning flywheel, such as the 576i, will outlast its competition. All of these little perfections that you can't see, hidden under the protective shroud, add up to create the smoothest and most durable cross-trainer available.
Heart Rate Monitoring Technology: Touch heart rate monitor Speed Range: 0.5 to 16 mph (1-25.5 kph) Power Incline: 0% to 15%, in 0.5% increments Programs: 26 programs for workout variety Emergency On/Off Key: Yes Deck: Ground Effects® Impact Control System - Easing wear on the knees, legs, and back, the unique suspension system cushions impact and controls lateral motions while remaining responsive.
Programs (10): Cross Training:3, Fitness Test:1, Gluteals:2, Heart Rate:1, Interval:1, Manual:1, Weight Loss:1 Six program buttons serve as a direct access to 10 unique programs. Displays: Time, time remaining, segment time, distance, heart rate, watts, mets, calories, calories/minute, resistance, strides, strides/minute 20 CrossRamp settings (13 to 40 degrees) ... 20 Resistance Levels Contact Heart Rate Monitor Built Into Handles

Product Dimensions: 80"L x 32"W x 68"H Product Weight:318 lbs Stride Length: 21.2" at 13 degrees to 24.7" at 40 degrees
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