Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Rowing Machine

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If you own a gym, a recreational center or a corporate gym and want to keep and make users come back for more, you can invest on used Hammer Strength at UsedGymEquipment.com!

We are your one-stop source for affordable and quality reconditioned Hammer Strength Circuits to improve your business brand with good looking and tough strength-training machines.

Features of the Hammer Strength MTS Decline Chest Press for Sale

A refurbished Hammer Strength comes with US-made quality solid steel for consistency and offers seat settings at half-inch increments for easier access and adjustment even by using only one hand.

Like other Hammer Strength machines, a used Hammer MTS Decline Press machine comes with the ISO-Lateral patented technology that allows users in moving both or each of their limbs as they want to.

A reconditioned Hammer Strength MTS Decline Chest Press for sale also offers an upright position for an effortless entry and exit as well as comes with an overhead pivot for a natural chess press movement. A used Hammer Circuits allows counter-balancing of arm movements for a lighter starting resistance and includes a top-quality vinyl cover on all pads.

In addition, a reconditioned Hammer Strength machine also comes with 2D instructional placards and each of our Hammer machine comes with the well sought after ISO 9001 Certification for quality assurance.

Product Width: 77.50" (197 cm)

Product Height: 92.50" (235 cm)

Product Length: 43.75" (112 cm)

Machine Weight: 670 lbs. (303 kg)

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