Cybex VR2 Leg Extension 4610

The Cybex VR2 Leg Extension is a commercially built machine that is designed to work the quadriceps muscles of the lower body. This machine has a selectorized weight stack with 200 lbs. that runs through a pulley system via a cable. This makes this machine very safe to use. It has an adjustable back pad to accommodate a wide range of user heights. There is a fixed seat pad. There is an exercise placard that shows the basic operation of the machine as well as the muscle groups involved. It has a very solid frame that is commercially built for durability in any multi use facility such as a health club, personal training or physical therapy studio, or busy home gym setting.
Upright position increases comfort and privacy
Knee pads and dual foot pegs eliminate torque on knees
Starting range easily adjusts from the exercise position
Machine Weight 507 lbs.
Weight Stack 205 lbs.
Height: 61 in.
Length: 70 in.
Width: 39 in.
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