Cybex VR2 Arm Tricep Extension 4540

The Cybex VR2 Arm Extension machine has a selectorized weight stack that runs through a series of pulleys via a cable. It has an adjustable seat to accommodate a wide range of user heights. The elbow pad is fixed. It has a selectorized weight stack of 190 lbs. in 20 lbs. increments. The arm extension handle swivels to reduce wrist strain during the arm extension movement. It is a machine that is designed to simulate a triceps press or pressdown using dumbbells or a free weight bar. It has an exercise placard that shows the basic operation of the machine as well as the muscle groups involved. The Cybex VR2 Arm Extension is a machine that is compact and commercially built for a health club, sports training facility, or busy home gym setting.
Input arm automatically adjusts to forearm length
Handles rotate for maximum comfort and to change exercise emphasis
Angled arm pad provides stability and proper alignment with elbow joint
Machine Weight 410 lbs.
Weight Stack 205 lbs.
Height: 55 in.
Length: 50 in.
Width: 38 in.
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