Cybex Eagle Fly / Rear Delt Strength Machine

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Stress without injury

All strength training is the application of stress. CYBEX designs products to apply the appropriate amount of stress to produce the desired training effect but does it in a way that reduces the chance of injury. Such is the case with the acclaimed CYBEX Range Limiting Device (RLD)

Easy to use

Just put legs behind the pad and push. The innovative designs on the Leg Extension make positioning the tibia pad intuitive, virtually effortless, and results in easily accessible and easily
adjustable machines. No knobs to lock – just put legs behind the pad and push.

Saves on the shins

Offset input arm allows for the tibia pad to adjust without affecting the starting angle of the knee. In combination with proper pivot location, this allows the use of a flat pad for reduced shin pressure.

Relieves hamstring tension

The angled back pad (100 degree angle between seat and back) is wider than most leg extension machines and is designed to relieve hamstring tension.

Adjust without getting off

The Eagle four-bar linkage combined with gas spring assist means the seat back position can be adjusted without requiring the user to get off the machine. Position indicators enable users
to perfectly duplicate their position on the machine each time they use it.



Cleaned & Serviced

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Stack Weight (lbs)


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Upper Body



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