Cybex 625AT Total Body Arc Trainer Elliptical

The CYBEX 625T is a value-packed treadmill that delivers the performance features clubs need to keep members happy and business healthy. For colleges and universities, this treadmill is designed to encourage serious and casual fitness athletes alike to rediscover the simple joys of running, jogging, and walking. The CYBEX 625T is engineered to provide better stability and greater comfort than the competition.


When you invest in a treadmill from CYBEX, you expect stability, comfort, and reliable performance for users. You also expect intelligent design and quality manufacturing – all in a treadmill that’s easy to use and built to stand the test of time. The CYBEX 625T delivers.


Take a closer look at the 625T and you’ll notice that the belt is covered edge to edge to minimize wear and improve member safety. Plus, the deck can easily be flipped and rotated to further extend its life. Most important, the 625T is built to the highest manufacturing and environmental standards by CYBEX in our ISO 9001-certified plant in the USA. So it will stand up to the most demanding fitness environments and challenging workouts.


The 625T’s split-level display keeps workout programs and metrics at eye level, so users can focus on their performance. Volume, speed, and incline buttons are built into the console, giving users total control at their fingertips – for greater stability. Plus, you can choose the optional wireless audio receiver to feed sound from your wall-mounted televisions.


At the heart of the 625T is the IS3 Intelligent Suspension System, the result of extensive research conducted by the CYBEX Institute for Exercise Science. The 625T’s deck is soft at landing, firm in the middle, and rigid at toe-off to precisely match the body mechanics of running. So runners will experience a smooth, comfortable ride with minimal stress, impact, and shock. The CYBEX IS3 system uses an advanced elastomer to cushion shock on every step

Footplate adjusts for desired range of motion

Four-bar linkage enhances alignment

Variable resistance provides proper strength profile

Back pad angle adjusts to change exercise emphasis

Machine Weight 1016 lbs.

Weight Stack 505 lbs.

Height: 71 in.

Length: 89 in.

Width: 43 in.

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