Life Fitness Pro Lateral Raise

Over 60,000 pieces of Pro strength equipment have been installed worldwide. Built to last, this complete line offering is engineered with the expertise that has made Life Fitness a global leader in advanced strength equipment. The Life Fitness Deltoid Lateral Raise the Pro Series is ideal for training the side of your shoulder muscles. Moreover, the fitness device is functioning very well in isolation training. The arms of the exercise device can be used independently. Muscles exercised: Primarily the medial deltoid. Secondarily the anterior deltoid and the posterior deltoid. Raise or lower the seat so that the red dots line up with your shoulder joints. Select the desired weight. Loosely grip the handles. Sit slightly forward so that your chest rests on the chest pad. Keep back straight and head up. Using your shoulders, push the pads up until your arms are just below your shoulders. Hold the upward position briefly and then lower the pads slowly to the starting position.
Adjustable knee pads for maximum stability.
A minimum 300 lb. weight stack.
Safety rated carabiner provides reliable and safe performance.
U.S. built pulldown bar.
Machine Weight: 560 lbs.
Weight Stack: 300 lbs.
Length 26"
Width 63"
Height 93"
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