Life Fitness Pro Lat Pulldown

The Life Fitness Pro Series Lat Pulldown is the ideal solution if your facility has limited space and a limited budget. This affordable strength training equipment makes the most of a small area and includes a complete line of multi-station units, dual and multi-purpose exercise machines, benches and racks. And the easy-to-use, attractive equipment features the durability you expect from Life Fitness.
Frame is constructed of U.S. made mechanical quality steel purchased in mill run quantities.
Frame is primarily 2" square tubing with 11 gauge wall thickness. Different tubing sizes and wall thickness shall be used as required through engineering stress analysis.
Frames are fully welded (not bolt together) for maximum structural integrity and minimum maintenance when possible. However, larger machines have a bolt-together configuration to facilitate movement through smaller doorways and difficult installations.
Weights are selected by using a 7/16” selector pin, which completely penetrates the weight plate and locks in place to eliminate any chance of disengaging during use.
The selector pin is connected to the top weight to eliminate loss or substitution of substandard pins.
Machined from solid, 1” thick steel. Finish is wrinkle black powder coat.
Each plate (not just the top weight) will contain low friction bushings, which surround the guide rods to minimize friction and noise.
The top weight bushings shall float within the top weight utilizing rubber o-rings to assure ideal alignment with the guide rods.
The bushings are self-lubricating in order that the guide rods will not require lubrication.
Guide rods are 3/4” cold-drawn steel, turned ground and polished with hard chrome finish.
Durable rubber bumpers are suspended under each stack to reduce shock and vibration stresses to the frame and facility floor.
The shaft is constructed of stainless steel and precision drilled for accurate pin selection.
7 x 19 construction, 3/16” galvanized steel, lubricated, nylon-coated aircraft cable with breaking strength rated at over 4000 pounds.
All cables can be adjusted at the top weight utilizing a standard 7/8” open-end wrench.
All weight stacks are guarded on the back side to prevent bystanders from inadvertent contact with the weight stack during use.
All pulleys are at least 4 -1/4” working diameter fiberglass impregnated nylon with precision fit cable groove and double sealed bearings.
As a safety precaution, all pulleys are covered to minimize the danger of a moving pulley catching a person’s finger or clothes.
All cams are laser cut steel and individually designed for each unit to match the appropriate muscle strength capability curve.
Input arms on equipment are counter balanced where appropriate to eliminate the weight of the assembly from the weight selected by the user.
Radial bearings are pillow block bearing with basic radial load rating of over 2000 pounds. Pillow block bearings allow shaft to self-align as well as rotate, which results in smooth and friction free movement.
Linear bearings are packed with grease at the factory and sealed with synthetic rubber and steel seals.
Bearing plates are rolled from high quality bearing steel hardened to Rockwell 60C. Bearing balls are chromed steel hardened to Rockwell 60C.
The bearings feature ball conforming grooves, axial compliance, and self-alignment capability.
All Linear bearing machines run on Thompson 60 Case Class L shafts or equivalent.
All hardware is grade 5, grade 8, or stainless steel.
Hand grips are an extruded 60 durometer thermorubber compound that is non-absorbing, wear and tear resistant, and exhibits good dry and wet frictional characteristics.
The grips shall be retained to the machine through the use of aluminum collars thereby eliminating the tendency of the grip to slide off the machine.
Numerically engraved seat and pad adjustments correctly align body to machine for proper posture, muscle isolation and body stabilization.
Adjusting posts are stainless steel for superior life and corrosion resistance.
All tube in tube sliding parts are lined with UHMW plastic in order that the friction and wear between the parts is reduced and the seats are thereby easier to adjust.
All foot platforms are diamond plate, finished with a slip resistant wrinkle black powder coat finish.
All machines have holes in the feet which allow for easy anchoring to the floor. Life Fitness recommends that all machines be anchored to the floor to minimize the possibility that they will be tipped.
Large diamond plate, non-slip footplate (30” x 27”) allows for a wide variety of foot positions.
Angled head pad and hand grips enhance comfort and proper alignment.
Supported linear bearing system yields superior structural integrity.
Choice of 12 start positions.
User can adjust start position while in the exercise position.
Total Weight 922lbs
Weight Stack 395lbs
Length 43"
Width 75"
Height 83"
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