Cybex VR1 Multipress Strength Machine

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The Cybex VR1 Multi-Press provides a Chest Press, Incline Press, and Overhead Press in a single, convenient package. Its multi-function design saves valuable floor space. The pressing arm includes five start positions to ensure proper positioning and range of motion. The grips are angled to ensure neutral wrist position, meaning less stress on the wrist for a safer, more comfortable workout.
Cybex is known for strength training equipment that is scientifically engineered to produce faster fitness results. We took that excellence and reduced it in size and complexity to form the VR1 line of selectorized products. This is the selectorized line that can fit the space and budget of a wide range of facilities.

The pulley has been carefully located at the front of the machine which encourages correct form for the lat pulldown movement.

Thigh pads are what keeps you in the seat when using more weight in the lat pull exercise. The adjustability of the thigh pads in VR1 means that users with varying leg lengths are accommodated and the machine works for veteran strength trainers as well as beginners.

Dimensions (L × W × H): 60" × 43" × 89" (153 cm × 110 cm × 226 cm)
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