Life Fitness Pro Rear Deltoid

Over 60,000 pieces of Pro strength equipment have been installed worldwide. Built to last, this complete line offering is engineered with the expertise that has made Life Fitness a global leader in advanced strength equipment. A Life Fitness Pec Fly-Rear Delt is, and can best be described as a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of gym equipment designed to strengthen the Pectoral and Deltoid muscles of the chest during Strength Training. The user is typically seated, with elbows slightly bent and arms outstretched, grasping handles placed at shoulder height, and lifts the loaded or selected weight by bringing the handles together in front of the face while keeping the elbows at a constant angle. This particular Life Fitness Pec Fly-Rear Delt is a Pro Pec Fly-Rear Delt. The Life Fitness Pro Series is a premium, ergonomically superior, low maintenance strength training circuit that combines sophisticated aesthetics with durable, safe, and reliable design elements. The Pro Series includes: 14 individual upper body machines, 13 individual lower body machines, 3 torso machines, 5 dual pulley machines, a Smith Machine, a Cable Crossover, a Dual Adjustable Pulley, various Multi Jungle configurations, and a multi-adjustable bench
Start position adjustment to prevent users from extending beyond their range of motion.
Start position adjusts in 10 degree increments.
Counterbalanced system provides reduced starting resistance.
Total Weight 590lbs
Weight Stack 300lbs
Length 47"
Width 60"
Height 65"
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