Life Fitness Pro Hip Abductor

The Life Fitness Pro Strength Hip Abductor features a Ratchet mechanism that allows users to adjust start position in 10-degree increments, Knee pads and dual foot positions provide leg support and reduce torque around the knees. The front-mounted weight stack allows the user to adjust the weight without leaving the seat. It also has a screen for additional privacy. The machine has an adjustable starting position which provides easy entry and exit.
Start position adjusts in 10 degree increments.
Axis of rotation parallel to seat back, maintaining correct axis of rotation relationship.
Cams positioned overhead to simplify cable routing.
Foot brace provides support throughout exercise.
Unilateral input arms eliminate potential for one arm to assist the other
Machine Weight: 505 lbs.
Weight Stack: 255 lbs.
Length 43"
Width 57"
Height 82"

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