Life Fitness Pro Back Extension

Over 60,000 pieces of Pro strength equipment have been installed worldwide. Built to last, this complete line offering is engineered with the expertise that has made Life Fitness a global leader in advanced strength equipment. Stainless steel in high-wear areas to eliminate rusting. Thermpolastic rubber grips for extreme durability. Self Lubricating weight stacks with sealed bearings. Five-position adjustable start mechanism caters to individual range of motion or physical limitations Two non-slip foot positions appeal to different user sizes Lumbar pad helps users easily find correct position relative to axis of rotation.
Arm pads angled down to help user maintain consistent position.
Swivel handles automatically adjust for any forearm length.
Arm pad configured to align elbow off pad to eliminate joint compression.
Side supports provide increased stabilization
Machine Weight: 453 lbs
Weight Stack: 190 lbs.
Length 40"
Width 45"
Height 65"
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