Life Fitness 95C Engage Lifecycle Bike

Too many bikes are distractingly uncomfortable for riders, preventing them from engaging their workout. What you need to truly get in better shape is a thoroughly comfortable bike. Designed to provide unprecedented comfort, the Life Fitness 95C features an adjustable swept back seat design. This is one bike that’s as responsive as it is comfortable, though. The user can adjust workout intensity mid-routine through fingertip controls, while hands-free heart monitoring will automatically adjust resistance levels for you. If that wasn’t enough, the Engage and Inspire Consoles will help you reach the next level with goal-based workouts and fitness tests.
The Life Fitness 95R Inspire Lifecycle Bike is one of a kind and is considered by many to be the best exercise bike on the market today. Fully featured this workout bike will give you an excellent workout while keeping your mind on everything but working out. The console is huge and allows you to watch TV or listen to you Ipod! This Life Fitness 95R Lifecycle was designed with the user in mind, anyone who tries this exercise bike is going to be hooked for life! The Life Fitness Elevation™ Series delivers an immersive exercise experience, motivating your exercisers — whatever their fitness level. Integrated consoles and Attachable TVs give users access to their favorite TV programming, iPod® music and video, a virtual trainer and the ability to create workouts and track results. A long-time leader in exercise innovation, Life Fitness is taking cardio fitness to new heights with personalized exercise experience.
Height: 45” / 1143 mm
Width: 26” / 660.4 mm
Length: 49” / 1244.6 mm
Weight: 85 lbs. / 38.56 kg
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